Creating sustainable business models - Circular Logistics - 28 février 2018

Given the societal challenges and environmental issues we currently face, the circular economy concept has rapidly been gaining in importance. This is why the Luxembourg government is pressing ahead in setting up the framework for the third industrial revolution, in which a circular economy is a key pillar.

In this context, KPMG Luxembourg has been holding a series of events to help your firm become acquainted with circular economy business models. In total, four exciting events were envisioned:

Episode 1: Circular Supply
Episode 2: Circular Production
Episode 3: Circular Services
Episode 4: Circular Logistics

After three insightful conferences held in 2017 around circular business models, the time has come for our final event, where we will focus on circular logistics and how new innovations in the logistics sector can enable a circular economy.

Seize the opportunity and register for the Circular Logistics conference on 28 February in our KPMG offices in Luxembourg :

5.15pm-5.30pm : Registration
5.30pm-5.35pm : Welcome by Gilles Poncin, Partner leading Sustainability Services, KPMG Luxembourg
5.35pm-5.45pm : Introduction to Circular Logistics by Eric Grimaud, Partner leading Supply Chain Services, KPMG Luxembourg
5.45pm-6.05pm : SUCCESS project: IT technologies supporting the transition to sustainable mobility and logistics by Francesco Ferrero & Cindy Guerlain, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology
6.05pm-6.30pm : Tracking and Tracing - can it contribute to the circular economy ? by Thierry Van Ravestyn, UPtrace
6.30pm-6.55pm : Lean & Green logistics
6.55pm-7.00pm : Conclusion of the event series by Gilles Poncin, Partner leading Sustainability Services, KPMG Luxembourg
7.00pm : Networking Cocktail

About the Circular Economy
Circular Economy, emerging in response to the risks caused by today’s “take-make-dispose” economic model, makes better use of available resources by shifting the focus to reusing, repairing and refurbishing products and recycling existing raw materials.
To learn more about the Circular Economy please follow this link.

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Please register before 23 February​

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