Innovation projects


Innovation is the original transformation of a company that enables it to address tomorrow’s socio-economic, technological, or environmental challenges.

Setting up your innovative or training project 

Logistics in Wallonia can assist you with the structuring of your innovative project and offer its expertise and its network of partners to help maximise your chances of success.

A cluster project must have at least 2 private partners and 2 research centres and/or universities. The aim of this collaborative framework  is to exceed the current state of the art   on any given theme. In other words, the project must necessarily be an R&D project which is innovative through innovation in technology or of process.


You have an idea for a project that proposes innovative solutions for :

  • more sustainable logistics and mobility;
  • infrastructures and transport methods that are more efficient;
  • the optimising of logistics processes by the use of innovative technologies.


Do you have an idea for a project that is likely to enhance training services already on offer, and help support companies ?

Who can put a project forward ?

Any company, small or large, that is active within a supply chain.

Supply chain

SUPPLY CHAIN = all flows within the company, and between the company and its environment (procurement, delivery, storage, information, financial transactions ...).

SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT = Management of all measures to ensure the smooth running of the global supply and delivery chain of a product until it reaches the final consumer.

Why set up / take part in innovative projects ?

In the following video (watch it HERE) Alstom Belgium, UMons, SEE Telecom, CETIC and Alpha Innovations explain why they are interested in innovative projects.

Inno vidéo

Financing of my innovative project


  • Innovative
  • Walloon Region
  • 2 companies + 2 research organisations
  • At least a SME (< 250 employees.)
  • Quality of consortium
  • No double financing


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