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Etablissements Hoslet

The DeltoPull project falls within the framework of the transport by road of high volumes of materials (sand, polluted soil, industrial waste...). It addresses several challenges: economic (risk of small margins, optimisation of driver resources), environmental (accessibility, pollution), legal (length of lorries fixed in accordance with their maximum authorised bulk (Formule Pont) and the highway code setting the maximum turning radius), security (risks of accidents, electronic tools, solid mechanics and hydraulics, allowing lorries access to any type of site). In the face of these challenges, to allow for the passage of 50T trucks (Walloon decree of March 2018) or to develop smaller 44T lorries, this project proposes to develop a  multipurpose large-capacity semi-trailer, by optimising the wheelbase and using an innovative horizontal emptying system, allowing for offloading that is fast and safe in tight spaces.