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The aim of the e-Origin European platform is to deliver a reduction in the risks associated with customs declarations and to accelerate the declarations procedure itself.

The volume of international commerce is exploding. In the next 2 years alone Airports such as Liège Airport will see their volume of imports increased tenfold! Systems are not integrated, while manual procedures are legion. Information on the origin of products, which allows for customs tariffs to be defined and checked, is insufficient, if non-existent, and is difficult to access. People who make declarations, even in good faith, face the considerable risk of being heavily fined, sometimes to the tune of hundreds of thousands of Euros. Faced with the billions of euros in taxes that are evaded by fraudsters, customs authorities are now becoming organised. They are looking for parties working with systems that offer transparency, fast access to information, and quality of declaration, seeking to better collaborate with them and concentrate on the flows that could pose a risk.

However, the information required is of a confidential and competitive nature ; caution is required between partners. What is lacking is a solution that allows for information to be shared securely, and shared controls with unalterable traceability. This would facilitate information that is 100% reliable for all concerned without the need for data to be stored with third parties. As useful information can be obtained from a wide variety of sources, the system needs to remain simple and interoperable.

This is what e-Origin promises ! An integrated collaborative collection platform of useful information relating to the origin, value, and description of goods, with the intelligence capable of analysing the risk of errors in customs declarations. This will allow for the speeding up of declarations for cooperating parties. The prospect for more fluidity and easier control is in sight.