Navigation fluviale
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Fishing Cactus
Université Technique de Compiègne

This project aims to develop software capable of predicting the trajectory and behaviour of a ship placed under given navigational conditions (route, bathymetry, currents, meanders, narrowing of sections, etc.), in accordance with the actions applied by the pilot on the boat’s commands (engine speed, rudder angle indicators, manoeuvring thruster,…) and the hydrodynamic characteristics specific to the vessel (shape of hull, characteristics of the rudder, of the blades, ...). This computer-based tool will be linked to a series of screens and steering consoles (hardware) to offer the user a 3D ship-navigation simulation tool.

The development of this electronic tool (software and hardware) rests on the production of three deliverables :

  • An innovative calculation module for obtaining hydrodynamic coefficients for all types of ships;
  • Trajectography software integrating 6 degrees of freedom ;
  • 3D and 2D graphical user interfaces.