Project carrier

As worldwide consumption increases, more and more people are getting access to essential goods like food and medicines, but also to far more luxurious goods such as wine, works of art and so on. At the same time, the number of counterfeits reaching the market is increasing in equal measure, if not even more rapidly. Certain brands have adopted protection systems by including different types of markings on their products and using a wide range of solutions. Unfortunately, however, there are limits to these technologies, either because of their cost, or because of functional limitations (traceability or authenticity), or due to the fact that manufacturers of these goods are required to make modifications in their production chains.

Vegeta presents a unique method for specific marking that will make it possible to verify that the product receiving the marking is the one it is meant to be, in terms not only of its traceability, but also its authenticity. We intend to use the flaws of recycled paper as a unique and uncopiable source of information as the basis of authentication.

This project will be tested in two  specific cases : the authentication of official documents and the traceability of works of art.