Séminaire aaa- Lean: is it for me

Cercle du Lac - 23, Bld Baudoin 1er - 1348 Louvain-La-Neuve

LEAN philosophy is, before all, a way to ask the right questions. What does the customer pay for? What steps of our processes have no value for the customers? In these steps, what is necessary and what is waste?...

On another hand, does LEAN answer all our questions? Does it help, or… is it... a waste?...

During this seminar, after a short overview of LEAN principles and philosophy, speakers with a large practical experience in LEAN transformation will provide their opinion and share lessons learned. At the end of the session, an open debate will provide you the possibility to ask YOUR questions, and to have a better understanding: are your expectations in line with what this solution can deliver.

  • 13:30: Welcome & Coffee
  • 14:00: Introduction of the basic principles of Lean
  • 14:30: Can Lean be adapted to your company / activity?
  • 15:10: Lean Transformation in Caterpillar: What we have done. Lessons learned / Do’s and Don’ts
  • 15:50: Case study: Where to start? (AMIA Systems present Case Study on Shop floor transformation)
    • 16:30: PANEL DISCUSSION: Between theory and reality (moderator: Bernard Piette, Director of Logistics in Wallonia)
  • 17:30: Networking event
  • 19:00: End of event


  • PICS Belgium and Logistics In Wallonia members: € 195,- VAT exc
  • Non-Members: € 245,- VAT exc


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