"Waterways for smart transport : Challenges & successes"

Ophem Castle (Rue Hernalsteenstraat 4 à 1970 Wezembeek-Ophem)

Join us during a whole day to unlock opportunities offered by waterways transport.
Learn from real cases and support your decision-making.

The aim of the working seminar is to promote business relations in the inland waterways sector which forms an essential part of the European transport network and can offer many competitive advantages.

It will provide key return on experience, present success stories, address challenges and failures and inspire with innovation and trends.

Attendees will get actionable insights along the day.

We will start with presentations from SMEs, larger companies, clusters, ships pilot, startups and research centre.

The day will continue with parallel workshops where participants will be able to address problems in an open environment, challenge their ideas and co-create track of solutions that will be exploitable immediately.

It will be surrounded by B2B meetings and networking.

Several questions will be addressed such as:

  • Why inland waterways transport can be profitable for SMEs?
  • What are the operational constraints?
  • What can be changed to ease the access to finance?
  • How a city can benefit from waterways to improve urban transport?
  • Is there room for tech startups in such environment?
  • Why is it a growing transport mode across Europe?
  • Why open data could benefit all stakeholders?
  • How legislation can support the uptake?
  • Should education and training be stimulated?


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