Locus Traxx Worldwide and Vitrociset Belgium joins forces in landmark joint venture agreement signing

A new era in Transportation visibility is set to begin later this month, when Locus Traxx Worldwide joins Vitrociset Belgium at the signing table. The Joint Venture will bring real-time visibility of perishable and high value shipments to Europe.

Ray Hoffman, the Managing Director of the European venture of Locus Traxx Worldwide and Vitrociset Belgium, is enthusiastic about what this agreement means for the future of Europe’s transportation industry. « I am extremely excited that Vitrociset Belgium is coming together with Locus Traxx Worldwide. We share the same culture: working hard to do the right things for our customers, carriers, and employees. Europe will now have access to the same great service, added strength, resources and technology that Locus Traxx Worldwide provides, » stated Hoffman.

Giorgio Zappa, Chairman of Vitrociset Spa said, “We couldn’t be happier with this transaction. Locus Traxx Worldwide has built a solid company with great people that provide top-notch service. Furthermore it fits into the international development strategy that Vitrociset has launched in areas of national excellence such as, for example, the development of intelligent systems for the efficient and safe transport of goods, supported by the latest generation of communication and geo-localization technologies. We trust that the skills acquired by Vitrociset will enrich the offer of Locus Traxx with new innovative services and high added-value both in Europe and the rest of the world, increasingly strengthening the partnership between the two companies. »

Locus Traxx Worldwide CEO, David Benjamin adds, “Our strategic vision to grow through International Joint Ventures with leading companies such as Vitrociset Belgium is important to our mission. The talent and market reach that our partners bring to the operation strengthen our offerings and deliver great value to our customers. We are exploring further JV’s in other leading markets worldwide.”

About Locus Traxx

Locus Traxx Worldwide is the leader in real-time temperature, location, and security monitoring for perishable and high value shipments in transit. Using their Oversight system and the technological superiority and versatility of the SmartTraxxTM system, Locus Traxx Worldwide can give customers access to critical data, at any time, and from any location.

About Vitrociset Belgium

Vitrociset Belgium, with almost 30 years of experience in the Space Telecom domain, is specialized in the supply of turn-key services and management of complex ground infrastructures, real-time operations and engineering. Vitrociset Belgium, with a deep know-how in the Logistic Engineering, develops and delivers added value services where the satellite tracking and tracing make the difference.