Multimodal urban logistics

Inland waterway transport is an excellent way to bring goods into dense urban areas with minimal environmental impact and nuisance. However, this multimodal transport requires efficient logistics to organize all the operations for the timely delivery of goods.

The French ST4W pilot aims at better connecting inland waterway transport with multimodal city logistics; firstly, digitally, thanks to ST4W tools, and, secondly, physically, thanks to an innovative FlexiMalle concept designed by SOGESTRAN.

Fleximalle is a light and hard-wearing multimodal container complying with handling industry standards. Fleximalle is tracked from end to end along the multimodal journey thanks to the ST4W hierarchical tracking system.

In the end of February 2021, Fleximalle’s inaugural journey delivered wooden construction elements from the Cuiller manufacturer’s factory in Petit-Couronne near Rouen to the destination site at Noisy-le-Grand (east of Paris region). The highlight of this multimodal journey was the transshipment operation at Paris Terminal; from the Bosphore (container liner) to the Zulu (small barge dedicated to urban transport).

Photographs are better than a long speech to show the efficient sequence of these operations.

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