Safety is a priority at Liege Airport

Since the 11th September 2001 attacks, security when transporting passengers and goods has been dramatically improved.

TAPA certification (Transported Asset Protection Association) is the global standard when it comes to security for cargo companies and transporting goods. The certificate is awarded after a security audit carried out by independent specialists. They analyse the training programmes for staff, access to zones where parcels are handled, alarm systems and security.

In the air transport sector, the TACSS standard (TAPA Air Cargo Security Standard) has been developed. This type of certification aims, by definition, to provide the industry with quantifiable standards and recognised methods to help reduce the risks to air freight both during storage and handling by ground services and their partners.

In October 2012, Aviapartner Cargo Liege passed this audit with ease and was awarded the TACSS certification.

TACSS goes beyond legal compliance and represents a significant investment: Aviapartner believes that innovation is the key to success in all businesses, including security.

By applying stricter procedures and checks, they are making every effort to be ready for any new threat in an industry which is constantly evolving.

With this new success, Aviapartner now has three TACSS certified cargo sites: Brussels, Amsterdam and Liege.

As Madame Maud Brahy, the Security Manager of Liege Airport, explains: « the certification awarded illustrates perfectly the spirit of constructive collaboration and partnership that Liege Airport and its subsidiary Liege Airport Security seek to build with the operators of the airport site in Liege. Security and safety are major priorities for Liege Airport and constitute a huge asset for the airport and its users. »