TNT Express to invest in operations and safety at Liege Euro Hub

TNT Express intends to invest tens of millions of euros to enhance the efficiency and productivity of its flagship hub in Liege, Belgium (Euro Hub). The investment, which is subject to consultation with works councils, will increase the hub’s sorting capacity by 50 percent and improve health and safety for the 1,500 employees. The plans are part of TNT Express’ strategic effort to increase operational performance and customer satisfaction.

As part of the plans, TNT Express will install new shipment sorting systems to increase the speed and processing capacity of the Euro Hub. Work will begin in 2014 and end in 2016.

The modernisation of the 75,000 sq. meter facilities will include installation of an automated handling system for smaller parcels and documents, as well as the centralisation of cargo screening activities in one facility.
TNT Express will invest in additional x-ray machines to scan the growing number of shipments arriving by road.

For customers, the investment will mean shorter handling times for export goods and urgent deliveries, as well as better handling of fragile items. The expected operational benefits for TNT Express include the elimination of bottlenecks, the possibility to accommodate an increase in volumes and a reduced cost per unit.

About 40 aircraft and 125 trucks converge to Liege every night. Euro Hub has been TNT Express’ main air hub in Europe since 1998. It is closely connected to the company’s European Road Network, which is headquartered in the Dutch town of Duiven.
TNT Express connects hundreds of destinations in Europe by road and 65 by air, complementing its leading European Road Network by air services when required by distance and urgency.


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