Virtual Smart Shipping Hackathon – 26-27 November

De Vlaamse Waterweg, EY and Antwerp Management School are excited to invite you to participate in the first international and online Smart Shipping Hackathon, November 26-27 2020.

Within Flanders there is around 1000 km of navigable inland waterways on which more than 70 million ton is transported every year. Although this already gets a lot of trucks of the road, there is still a lot of capacity available that is underused which could improve the mobility and ecological transport issues in Flanders. One of the innovations that could realise this potential is Smart Shipping.

Smart shipping in inland navigation can be understood as both the optimised and standardized data sharing between barges, infrastructure, and waterway managers as the navigation with autonomous / automated barges. It is on this last element this hackathon is going to focus.

During the hackathon, teams have 48h to build a solution for one of the 4 defined challenges. A group of sector experts will provide coaching for the teams, to guarantee a problem-solution fit. At the end of the hackathon, each team pitches its solution. A selected jury will select the winners.

Would you like more information, or do you want to register as a team or individual? Click here.

This Hackathon is a FLOAT event and is supported by “Maritieme Toegang” and “Departement Mobiliteit en Openbare Werken”.

See you there!