The Lean & Green Programme


The Lean & Green programme is meant for any organisation wishing to reduce the CO2 emissions generated by its supply chain activities. The aim is to reduce them by a minimum of 20 % over a  maximum of 5 years.

The programme must involve at least 50% of transport and logistics activities which will be analysed as a priority. The reduction in CO2 emissions generated by other activities, such as the management of buildings, can also be valorised in the calculations.
The analysis can also involve for example a review of suppliers, of conditionings…
It is a label, not a certification. The programme is not restrictive and aims to be simple, pragmatic and reflect the reality on the ground.

The supply chain is the totality of flows within the company, and between the company and its environment (procurement, delivery, storage, information, financial transactions ...).

Management of the supply chain is the management of all means used to run the global supply and delivery chain of a product or service as efficiently as possible until it has reached the final consumer.

Latest developments

Lean & Green Webinar of 25/06/2020 "Reduce your emissions and your costs" :

Information session: watch the video
Awarding of labels : watch the video

Lean & Green Webinar of 26/01/2021 "Handing out of the Awards"

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Supporting Logistics in Wallonia

The cluster will dedicate ten days to assisting you so that at the end of the pre-defined period, you are able to meet the objectives that have been set.

  • Defining the action plan 

We will support you in defining an action plan (that can valorise activities undertaken over the last two years). An outside jury will approve the plan. At this stage, you will have already obtained the Lean & Green label.

  • Monitoring its implementation 

During the entirety of the determined period, and at regular intervals, we will work with you by following up on the CO2 reduction methods.

  • Obtaining the star and continued improvement 

After 5 years (maximum), if the objectives are met, you will obtain your Star. The programme can be continued for those wishing to obtain additional stars.

Who can take part in this programme ?

Any public or private Walloon organisation seeking to reduce CO2 emissions generated by its supply chain activities.
However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the commitment must be total: the management and field teams must adhere to the programme and collaborate to ensure that it is a success.

Why take part ?

This programme is LEAN : it will improve your economic performance.
By defining your action plan, you will review your processes. This questioning will automatically lead to optimisation, and on a regular basis to savings 

This programme is GREEN : it will enhance your environmental performance.
This programme will also allow you to enhance your green image among your collaborators and your outside public.

Finally, only those organisations committed to following a sustainable development approach will remain competitive : the others will end up facing some kind of  "environmental competition".

How much will it cost ?

•    €2,500.00  for members of Logistics in Wallonia
•    €5,000.00  for non-members

The regulatory framework in Wallonia

In order to improve the impact transport has on the environment, Wallonia has adopted the FAST 2030 plan : Fluidity, Accessibility, Security/healh, modal Transfer. The aim of this plan is to reduce road congestion.

As regards the transport of goods, it also aims to combine different modes of transport (rail, water, road) in accordance with their ecological and economic relevance. This will translate into a regional mobility strategy : Stratégie régionale de mobilité (SRM).

Concretely, what is there for companies with transport and logistics activities ?

The innovation cluster « Transport, Logistique et Mobilité » ( Transport, Logistics and Mobility) has been charged, by the Minister for the Economy, with contributing to the establishment and execution of a « Logistique et Mobilité durables 2030» ( Sustainable Logistics and Mobility 2030) strategy.

From this derive two programmes : Lean & Green and Multimodal Wallonia.

An international label

In 2008, the programme was initiated by the ministry of infrastructure and environment of The Netherlands and carried out by the non-profit organisation (ASBL) Connekt. It then spread to neighbouring countries before expanding at international level. Today, more than 500 public and private organisations have committed in the Netherlands, in Belgium (Flanders and Wallonia), in Germany, Italy, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, in Spain, and in the Czech Republic.

Would you like more information on the LEAN and GREEN programme ?

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