Multimodal Wallonia


Road transport is still largely dominant in Wallonia.
The Walloon Government has embraced a « FAST 2030 » vision  (Fluidity, Accessibility, Health, Security, Transfer modal). This vision reflects the determination of regional authorities to significantly increase the part that waterways and rail play in the transport of goods. By 2030, the Walloon government aims to see river transport with a share of 18% (against 14% now) and a share of 7% for rail transport (currently at 4%).

To back this vision, Logistics in Wallonia is offering the « MultiModalWallonia » programme which supports companies wishing to employ an alternative mode of transport to that of road transport. The objective is to combine these different modes of transport or even to optimise transported volumes by resorting to a suitable mode of transport (ecocombi, 50 tonnes...).

After prior analysis of the supply chain, the MultiModalWallonia expert will seek, with the company, solutions and suitable partners and configure the operational set-up of the alternative transport system.

Who does this concern ?

Any company located in Wallonia, whatever its sector of activity, if the type of freight being transported lends itself to co-modality or to volume optimisation (ecocombi, 50 tonnes...).

What is it ?

Business case (validated by an external committee) + Configuration of the operational set- up.

How ?

  • Prior analysis of the Supply Chain (possible collaborations and potential sphere of activity);
  • Valuable Proposal (project sheet specifying deliverables, tasks, resources to free up);
  • Support (assisting the company in finding solutions and suitable partners);
  • Innovative and collaborative practices.

How much ?

  • €1,500.00  for members of Logistics in Wallonia
  • €3,000.00  for non-members

The following companies have followed this approach :

Companies that are members of Logistics in Wallonia

Companies that are not members of Logistics in Wallonia 

  • Decathlon
  • Chocolaterie Baplu
  • LafargeHolcim
  • Inovyn Manufacturing Belgium
  • Interblocs
  • Ecofrost
  • Avient
  • Spaque
  • Ville de Liège
  • Petits Poucets
  • Deschieter
  • Sovitec Iberica
  • Fleur Service Social
  • Autover Saint Gobain
  • Ville de Namur
  • Ville de Liège
  • Ville d'Ottignies Louvain la Neuve
  • Belfibres
  • Habay Road Services
  • Vandeputte
  • Ximatrans
  • 3B - Fibreglass (Science & Technology Center)
  • Lhoist Western Europe
  • Henrotte

And why not you ?

Luc Genot
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T : +32 (0)4 225 50 60