New date - BSMA Europe - A one day event dedicated to Biotech and Pharma Supply Chain Excellence

12 nov 2020
Dolce La Hulpe (Brussels)

Update: event postponed from May 14, 2020 to November 12, 2020.

Taking into account the situation related to COVID-19, we have decided to postpone the BSMA Europe 2020 event from May 14, 2020 to November 12, 2020.
This decision has been carefully considered and takes into account the respect of safety for all, the fact that our event attracts representatives from all over the world and that we want to offer an experience that will be beneficial to all and this in a period that we all hope will be better.
We are very confident that the event will be a success and we guarantee that we will bring you additional new features.
We hope you will still plan to join us at the event in November. The event location will remain the Dolce la Hulpe Hotel (Brussels), and we hope to keep the schedule and agenda as close to the original format as possible. If you have already registered, your current registration will be valid on the new date, so if you still wish to attend, you don’t have to do anything. 



If you are a global executive from biotech and pharma companies as well as professionals from the industry and technology enablers...

► Be part of the future of the industry to help building supply chain excellence from end to end ! 

BSMA, the leading community of life science supply chain professionals, organize its 5th annual European Conference of the Global Biotech, Pharma & Healthcare Supply Chain Community event on May 14th in Brussels (Dolce la Hulpe). The conference will be a unique occasion to take a look at a helicopter view on the upcoming industry challenges. 

Who should attend ? 
  • Supply Chain Leaders and Executives from the biotech, pharma and healthcare industries
  • Executives from CMO, CDMO, CRO organizations 
  • Professionals involved into procurement, operations, manufacturing, distribution, supply chain or logistics
  • CEO's of emerging life science companies
  • Supply Chain Solutions providers and technology enablers
  • Support organizations that want to learn more about biotech and pharma supply chain
  • Executives from Venture Capital firms, equity partners, financing organizations that want to learn more about operations in Healthcare
  • QP's and quality managers
  • Education program managers
  • Incubators program managers

►This one-day event is a unique opportunity to connect, share and learn with global executives from biotech and pharma companies as well as professionals from the industry and technology enablers.

Highlights of the conference
  • Personalized Medicine supply chain challenges
  • Industry 360°C panel discussion
  • The E-commerce Supply Chain flywheel – how it applies to biotech and pharma sector
  • Digitalization and data management impacts on operations and organizations
  • Temperature-Controlled and Cold Chain Supply Chain: Proven Technologies and Practices for Compliance
  • Managing the distribution of commercial products in complex environments
  • Distribution challenges in cell & gene therapies
  • Panel discussion on challenges in the supply chain to achieve tomorrow’s objectives
  • How to build an efficient supply chain while meeting high-level sustainability objectives.
  • How to transform and run your supply chain data and analytics organization like a life depends on us
  • Transportation challenges
  • Lessons from disruptive approach in life sciences operations and supply chain
  • Self-driving supply chain
  • End to End Visibility
  • Blockchain, AI and IoT
  • Talent development, training and education

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