Smart Track 4 Waterway

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

ST4W proposes a management solution for shipment by inland waterway transport, providing to small stakeholders a simpler and cheaper access to secure data, and enabling them to share a hierarchical track & trace service of shipment at logistics unit level : what pallet in what vessel ?

ST4W solution will provide an end to end seamless visibility to supply chain stakeholders :

Automatic update of logistics unit status (pallet, container …)
Real-time update of ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) of each logistics unit, throughout the multimodal supply chain
Automatic alert in the case of delay or loading the wrong logistics unit
Electronic proof of delivery at each step:
This cloud-oriented platform is based on GS1 standards, where everyone is master of his own data and shares it only with chosen partners

A sustainable and closer cooperation between waterway actors and their supply chain partners will enable more clients to make use of waterway transportation (from mental shift to modal shift), and consequently to reduce CO2 emissions of their logistics operations.

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