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LR Physics

  • Conseil / expertise / consultance
Description de la société
LR Physics, Leveraging Research, is a Walloon company of 4 people composed of R & D and marketing experts based in Liège, Belgium. It arose from the growing need of technologists and research centers to reach their target market as quickly as possible. LR Physics coordinates and markets research projects, particularly in Data Science, Machine Learning, Blockchain or Microgrids with academic partners and industrial partners. Responding to numerous calls per year, LR Physics is constantly looking for SMEs and large partners to create common prototypes that will be directly exploitable by the industry. LR Physics is a private company that relies solely on sales and the fruits of applied research. It also provides research strategy advice to small and medium sized companies in Wallonia. /


  • Adresse : Rue de Corthys 11 , 4280 Hannut - BELGIQUE
  • Effectif actuel : 4
  • Date d'adhésion : 15/11/2016
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