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  • Conseil / expertise / consultance,Fournisseur d’équipements (matériel et/ou bâtiments)
Description de la société
A cooperative approach for robotics and automation dedicated to warehousing and factory.

Zema is a company based on more than 20 years of experience in the factory automation and warehousing.

Why collaborating with us?

- The right solution on the right place
- Save waste of time and money
- Future oriented solutions in equipments, hard- and software
- We only work with the best

Thanks to our ecosystem we are armed to be always top of the bill and build you a complete solution.


  • Adresse : Avenue Eugene Plasky 9 , 1030 Bruxelles - BELGIQUE
  • Effectif actuel : 1
  • Date d'adhésion : 26/04/2019
Personne(s) de contact
    • Nom : Reise
    • Prénom : Dirk
    • Fonction : Manager
    • Courriel :